Simple. Connected. Intuitive.

The Yasasii Inpatient Hospital Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a connected, configurable module within the Yasasii hospital information system (HIS). Physician-driven and patient-centric, Yasasii is intentionally designed for rural, small bed facilities in need of an intuitive solution that satisfies unique workflow, resource, and budgetary needs.

At the core of the product’s name and Japanese roots are the words “simple and easy”. Forget the old-school thinking that cutting-edge technology is complex, innovation is expensive, and custom EHRs are only for large health systems.

Yasasii Inpatient Hospital Electronic Health Record

Coupling our 25 years of clinical and engineering expertise with your personal system needs and workflow, we’ll develop a custom platform that adds arms and legs to your organization while improving your bottom line.

  • Improve decision making time with Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
  • Ensure data accuracy and global adoption with clean, simple interface that’s intuitive and user-friendly
  • Satisfy your clinical performance measures and care delivery quality metrics through custom modular workflows and reporting
  • Maintain 24/7 access to your patients’ and your organization’s data by securely connecting whenever, wherever (mobile, tablet, laptop, or thin client)
  • Enhance the patient experience, engagement, and outcomes through increased clinical time and reduced administrative time
  • Improve operational efficiency by synchronizing clinical, financial, and administrative processes
  • Mitigate revenue loss with consistent and streamlined functionality across and within departments (click here to learn more about the Yasasii Revenue Cycle Management Suite)
  • Drive increased reimbursement and financial accuracy from improved data input and reduced clinical errors
  • Promote interoperability by staying securely connected throughout the care continuum (Acute Care, Critical Access, Surgical, and Long-Term Care)