Simple. Connected. Intuitive.

The Yasasii Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite has been intentionally designed as a turnkey solution to automate and streamline the complete revenue cycle process for rural acute care, critical access, surgical, and long term care facilities.

  • Connected, configurable, fully customizable modular RCM Suite
  • Intuitive logic and automation eliminates redundancy and saves time
  • Simple and easy-to-use, flexible customization to support your claims, accounting, and billing workflows
  • Secure API integration facilitates RCM for your existing hospital information system (HIS)
  • Seamless native integration with the Yasasii HIS enables effective and efficient RCM

Yasasii Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite

  • Save time and resources during claims processing by ensuring claims are scrubbed and submitted correctly the first time
  • Boost cohesion between front and back office through integration that allows access to patient information
  • Drive optimal revenue cycle performance with improved workflows from admissions through collections
  • Minimize risk of penalties through accurate coding, documentation, and claims processing
  • Improve resource allocation by automating manual processes and leveraging the system’s intuitive smart logic