Simple. Connected. Intuitive.

The Yasasii Long Term Care solution has been intentionally designed to preserve continuity of care from registration through billing as patients move to and from hospitals, long term care, and rehab facilities

  • Connected, configurable, intuitive customized hospital information system (HIS) for long term care requirements
  • Simple and easy-to-use, flexible customization satisfies the needs of dynamic, longitudinal care delivery
  • 24/7 secure, immediate access to real-time patient information wherever, whenever (mobile, tablet, laptop, thin client)
  • Relevant patient information is visible to each of their respective care and treatment providers—hospital, pharmacy, physician office, nursing home, rehab facility, and community home

Yasasii Long Term Care Suite

Minimum Data Set (MDS)

  • Reduce legal risk and clinical errors with intuitive MDS documentation response filtering
  • Maximize reimbursement and compliance with self-activating CMS edit checks

Resident Assessment Protocols (RAP)

  • Decrease documentation time for comprehensive clinical assessments with automatic, configurable Resident Assessment Protocol (RAP) worksheets

HCFA Claim Forms: CMS 672 and CMS 802

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating paper documentation as electronic survey reports trigger from MDS data
  • Maintain survey accuracy with dashboard reporting that monitors changes in resident health between MDS assessments

Clinical Documentation

  • Preserve data accuracy and eliminate redundancy through a secure connection to the Yasasii EHR system
  • Improve care coordination and reduce charting time with progress note templates
  • Save time during admissions and transfers with automated, customizable care plan templates